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Over Drinks Podcast – Episode 3

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Episode 3 of the Over Drinks Podcast is available on Soundcloud. In this episode, Colleen starts with the upcoming drink related dates for the rest of November and the first half of December. In the social media section, she talks about

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Review: Atlanta International Night Market 2017

Red Bean Paste Bun at Atlanta International Night Market

This past weekend I experienced the culture of 70 countries all without leaving the US. How you ask? I attended the Atlanta International Night Market at Northlake Mall.     The unseasonably warm evening was filled with delights for all

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Over Drinks Podcast – Episode 2

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Welcome to the second edition of the Over Drinks Podcast. Join Colleen as she talks about drink-related dates, social media, trends, and events.   In this episode, Colleen talks about the drinking dates in the month of November, the “stay-at-home”

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The State of the Beverage Industry 2017 – Trends et al

beverage trend

I recently watched a webinar about the State of the Beverage Industry in 2017. Here are a few takeaways I found to be interesting.     NA Beverage Carbonated Soft Drinks and Fruit Beverages are declining in popularity. This is

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Why Are We Still Selling To Age Groups?

selling to age groups - analytics

Any of you who know me just a little bit know that I absolutely DESPISE the old technique of marketing to demographics. And of the old demographics, my least favorite is age. But here we are, still selling to age

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