The State of the Beverage Industry 2017 – Trends et al

beverage trend

I recently watched a webinar about the State of the Beverage Industry in 2017. Here are a few takeaways I found to be interesting.     NA Beverage Carbonated Soft Drinks and Fruit Beverages are declining in popularity. This is

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Why Are We Still Selling To Age Groups?

selling to age groups - analytics

Any of you who know me just a little bit know that I absolutely DESPISE the old technique of marketing to demographics. And of the old demographics, my least favorite is age. But here we are, still selling to age

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Facebook Added Video To Cover Images – Why You Should Care

If you have a Facebook business page for your restaurant or bar, you should have seen the little icons in the upper left corner of your cover image rotating between picture and video. That’s right! Facebook began rolling out video

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Want Your Guests To Have A Flawless Experience? These 7 Rules Are Key – Or Are They?

Flawless Guest Experience

The crew over at Uberbartools shared their post “The 7 Rules Of Excellent Service” on last month. In it, they posit that many hospitality businesses lose sight of the main reason they are there, i.e. to provide a great,

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Are You Crushing It On #SocialMedia Day?

social media tiles phone

Today is #SocialMedia day. A day when everyone who works with, dabbles in, or otherwise uses social media in some quasi-professional way celebrates this marketing tool in any way possible.     There’s absolutely nothing wrong with that. Heck, I’m

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