Engagement Bait On Facebook? Not Anymore!

facebook engagement bait

This week Facebook rolled out a new change to how you can build your following. They will no longer allow you to beg for engagement. Called engagement bait (like click bait), this type of post uses text asking readers to like a page or like/comment on/share a post.   This type of post is simplistic… Continue Reading

Over Drinks Podcast – Episode 3

Over Drinks podcast cover

Episode 3 of the Over Drinks Podcast is available on Soundcloud. In this episode, Colleen starts with the upcoming drink related dates for the rest of November and the first half of December. In the social media┬ásection, she talks about using newsletters to stay in touch with your guests and why this is important. Finally,… Continue Reading

Review: Atlanta International Night Market 2017

Red Bean Paste Bun at Atlanta International Night Market

This past weekend I experienced the culture of 70 countries all without leaving the US. How you ask? I attended the Atlanta International Night Market at Northlake Mall.     The unseasonably warm evening was filled with delights for all the senses. Food and drink were abundant in the Food Village, Food Truck Alley, the… Continue Reading

Over Drinks Podcast – Episode 2

Over Drinks podcast cover

Welcome to the second edition of the Over Drinks Podcast. Join Colleen as she talks about drink-related dates, social media, trends, and events.   In this episode, Colleen talks about the drinking dates in the month of November, the “stay-at-home” trend we see affecting on-premise dining, Facebook and the difficulty of reaching your audience without… Continue Reading

Over Drinks Podcast – Episode 1

Welcome to the first ever episode of the Over Drinks podcast. In this episode, I introduce myself and my F&B industry experience starting when I worked for Del Taco in high school through working as an adult beverage marketing professional. I then go on to give an overview of why I started Over Drinks and… Continue Reading