The First Leg

The first leg of my travel is complete. I’m in Washington, DC at Union Station and taking this opportunity to freshen up and stretch my legs. Especially stretch my legs.   Space is Tight Unfortunately, my seat on this first trip was super close to the seat in front of me. So close that, if… Continue Reading

Interesting Characters One Encounters

I’m less than 24 hours into my trip and have already seen some pretty interesting people. These are not the lovely people I met and spoke with… those in a few moments. I’m talking about the people many of us choose to “not see.” The people we often want to forget even exist. Maybe they’re… Continue Reading

Minimalist Traveling at its Best

Over the next eight days, I will be traveling the East Coast of the United States. This trip is my first foray into the minimalist movement – not only in items I am carrying but also in the amount of money I will be spending (I don’t have much). I will be carrying one backpack with… Continue Reading