Over Drinks Podcast – Episode 1

Welcome to the first ever episode of the Over Drinks podcast. In this episode, I introduce myself and my F&B industry experience starting when I worked for Del Taco in high school through working as an adult beverage marketing professional.

I then go on to give an overview of why I started Over Drinks and why I chose to start a podcast…

  • Why start Over Drinks?
    • To help independent restaurants and bars with their social media, menus, LTOs, and beverage program consultation
  • Why start a podcast?
    • Independent restaurant and bar owners are BUSY people
      • This podcast will only be 15-30 minutes long.
      • You can listen anytime

I also give a list of drink-related┬áholidays around which you can design LTOs (limited time offers) in the month of November. Next, I give a brief overview of social media tools and why you should be there with a quick chat about geo-location and the issues Facebook and Instagram are currently facing. Finally, I mention the big industry news – the wineries affected by the California wildfires.

Take a listen and let me know what you think. Be kind… this is my first foray into this space. And let me know what you might like to hear me talk about!

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