Peering into the Soul of a Pop Art Icon – The Andy Warhol Exhibit at the High

Peering into the Soul of a Pop Art Icon – The Andy Warhol Exhibit at the High

I am not an art collector and I’m definitely not an art connoisseur, but I do like some art, mostly folk art and modern in the form of pop art and surrealism. My favorite of all-time is Andy Warhol. So, this past Summer when I heard the High Museum of Art in Atlanta was bringing a Warhol exhibit, you know I couldn’t miss it.

Andy Warhol at The High Museum of Art, Marilyn Monroe


I attended the last free Sunday¬†of the exhibit and, after waiting in line for roughly an hour, was able to spend about four hours roaming the bright colors and pop-culture icons that are signature to Warhol’s pieces.

Andy Warhol - One Blue Pussy

There were full wall size pieces like One Blue Pussy from Warhol’s 25 Cats Name Sam and One Blue Pussy


An homage to the "Silver Factory" - Warhol's silver studio

entire rooms like this one. This room was completely covered in silver with drawings all over the walls. It is based on the “Silver Factory,” Warhol’s 1963 studio loft.


Shoe illustration by Warhol from A la recherche du shoe perdu

Illustrations like this shoe from Warhol’s A la recherche du shoe perdu


Andy Warhol's Marilyn Monroe

and of course the well-known icons like Marilyn Monroe


Andy Warhol's Campbell Soup Cans

and Campbell’s Soup cans…


and even Mick Jaeger.


Andy Warhol Self Portrait

Here is his Photo Booth Self Portrait.


Andy Warhol artwork - The High Museum of Art, Atlanta

Album covers.


I literally¬†could have spent all weekend looking at these pieces. The entire collection was intriguing. From cute and pithy to heartwrenching (his JFK pieces…) to erotica, there was no subject Warhol shied away from. On our upcoming travels, I’m going to see about visiting The Warhol in Pittsburgh. Maybe I’ll spend a weekend there! If I do, I’ll be sure to write about it.


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