The First Leg

The first leg of my travel is complete. I’m in Washington, DC at Union Station and taking this opportunity to freshen up and stretch my legs. Especially stretch my legs.


union station

Space is Tight

Unfortunately, my seat on this first trip was super close to the seat in front of me. So close that, if I sat facing directly forward, my knees were mashed into the back of the seat in front of me and I had to adjust myself so I was essentially crouching with my rear end about 3 inches off the seat.

I sure hope my next seat isn’t this bad.

I was fortunate not to have a seatmate and could stretch across both seats, but even then there was only an inch or so between my leg and the seat back. What really sucked was when the passengers in the seats in front of me boarded and proceeded to slam their seats back and go to sleep.

Why didn’t I change seats, you ask? Well, I paid a little extra for this one, so this one is assigned to me.  You see, on Megabus, you can get super inexpensive tickets and then spend a little more for certain seats towards the front of the bus on the top section and on the bottom where they have tables you can set up on. That’s what I did. I couldn’t change seats within the other paid seats because they were held by others like me who paid for them. And I couldn’t take one of the other seats because the bus was full. But again, it was tolerable stretching across the two seats.

Needless to say, I didn’t get much sleep last night. Hopefully, this next leg will be better. It looked like most of the other seats had plenty of leg room, just this particular seat in this case. I’m in the same seat number but a different bus, so here’s hoping…


The Good Parts of the Bus

Other than my issue with squishy legs, the ride is comfortable enough. You can put your seat back and take a nap if you like. There are wi-fi and outlets so you can work or play on your devices. You can eat – as long as you don’t bring stinky food onboard :).

There is a bathroom on the lower level of the bus. I didn’t have to use it on this leg, but I passed it as I was climbing the stairs to the upper level and it looked roomy and clean. The reason I never had to use it, we stopped a couple of times at rest areas where we could get out, get food or other necessities, and use the restrooms there.

Everyone is nice and typically keep to themselves, but I heard a few people chatting to newly made acquaintances. Just based off of this and ignoring my particular seat space issue, I would definitely recommend this as an inexpensive way to get around.


Waiting for the Next Bus

I only have a couple of hours before the next bus, so I’m going to stick around Union Station. On my way back home, I have left time for a visit of the city, so no need to risk missing my next ride.

Fortunately, there are plenty of bathrooms for freshening up and there’s a food hall with just about everything I could want to eat. And free wi-fi! Woot! I’m going to sit here at my raised table, eat my snack, and do a little net surfing while I wait for the next bus to come along.

In addition to food and restrooms, there is plenty to do here. If I were so inclined, I could do some shopping in the many stores. It’s almost like a mini-mall. Just remember, there are commuters rushing to an fro, so it isn’t ideal for a “shopping trip” per se. However, the shops would make for a nice diversion if I didn’t have my computer.

I’m going to sign off for now, but will fill you in on the next portion of my trip. See you soon!

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